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   Multi-rotors Flight Controller (FC) Teeny1S F4 Flight Controller W/ OSD + Blheli_S 4-in-1 6A ESC
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Teeny1S F4 Flight Controller W/ OSD + Blheli_S 4-in-1 6A ESC
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  Tags: Teeny1S F4 Flight Controller W/ OSD + Blheli  S 4-in-1 6A ESC 



-Support programmable LED Sprit (turn off transponder before using)
-Support BLheli/BLHELI_S suite Pass-through ready
-Support PPM, Oneshot125, Oneshot42, Multishot, Dshot150, Dshot300, Dshot600
-Default Dshot600
-Built-in voltage detection, alarm
-Built-in Betaflight-OSD
-Buzzer solder pin
-LED_STRIP connector


Teeny1S F4 Flight Controller W/ OSD + Blheli_S 4-in-1 6A ESC

Flight controller:
Item name: Teeny1S F4 flight controller board Built-in Betaflight OSD
Size: 20*20mm
Mounting hole: 16*16mm
Diameter: 2mm
Weight: 2.2g
Processor: STM32F405RGT6
Sensor: MPU-6000 ( connected by SPI)
Firmware version: betaflight_3.1.7_OMNIBUSF4SD
Built-in SBEC: 5V/0.5A
Receiver: PPM, Spektrum 1024/2048, SBUS, IBUS, XBUS, SumD SumH RX etc.
Power supply: 1S lipo battery ( 3.3V-4.35V)
Suitable for 60mm-80mm mini brushless FPV Quadcopter frame
Item name: Teeny1s 4 In 1 6A BLHeli_S ESC
Size: 23x28mm (includes solder pad)
Mounting holes: 16x16mm, φ2mm
Weight: 2g
Input voltage: 1S lipo or 1S HV-LIPO
Con. Current: 6A
Peak Current: 7A (5S)
Firmware: BLHELI_S
Processor: SILABS EFM8BB10F8G
Driver: 3 in 1 MOS
Supports Dshot150 Dshot300 Dshot600 Oneshot125 Multishot PWM


1x Teeny1S F4 flight control board
1 x 4-in-1 ESC
1 x connection cable
8x M2*5+5 Nylon column
8x M2 Nuts
8x M2 Screw

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