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WALKERA GENIUS CP Micro 3D Flybarless Helicopter W/Devo 7 TX RTF
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The modularized design for Genius CP greatly reduces relying on screws, so it is easy for you to get maintenance.
The usage of big modulus in gear wheel prevents the teeth from break, so it is more durable.
Genius CP is the smallest and lightest six-channel model helicopter in the world. It features 200mm in length, 80mm in height, and 35grams in weight.

1).Ultra micro 3D flybarless helicopter,weight up 35g.
2).First internal 6-Axis gyro micro 3D flybarless helicopter.
3).Adopting composite material.100% increasing the toughness.
4).Stonge power and extremely stable.

Unique coreless motor drive system illuminates the trend of the newest technology. Its weight is 5 grams lighter than the iron core’s. It features low drive current, high efficiency, and prompt response. The charm of 3D indoor flight is revealed without omission.

The receiver integrates Walkera latest flybarless control system technology. It adds the gain-adjustable function of six-axis gyros.


1). Main Rotor Diameter: 240mm
2). Tail Rotor Diameter: 45 mm
3). Overall Length: 220mm
4). Weight: 35g
5). Servo: wk-02-4
6). GYRO: 6-axis
7). Battery: 3.7V 200mAh Li-Po (not included)
8). Transmitter: DEVO 7

Stick mode: mode 1 and mode 2 optional, mode 2 (throttle on left hand) will be provided by default.

1 x helicopter
1 x DEVO 7 7-ch touch screen color LCD transmitter
1 x battery charger (EU plug)
1 x spare blades

1 x battery

* Battery is NOT included, but we include two battery connectors which match the charging port of the charger, so customers can use their own batteries by replacing the connectors if needed. 
* Accessories contained in the kit listed in the Includes/Requires section will override the descriptions/photos etc. in other sections including instruction manual if there is any discrepancy.

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