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40Mhz Dexterity Micro CO-axial R/C Electric Helicopter ARTF
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This is a palm size micro electric helicopter, it can fly in your bed room.

Height: 125mm (4.92in)

Length: 130mm (5.12in)

Width: 55mm (2.17in)

Rotor Diameter: 173mm (6.81in)

Blade Size: 80mm(3.15in) / 0.8g(0.028oz)

Flexible Stabilizer Flybar System (FSF system):

Length of FSF: 100mm (3.94in) Ultra Flexible
120mm (4.72in) Factory Default
130mm (5.12in) Ultra Stable

Net Weight: 41g( oz)

Flying weight: 55g(1.94oz)

Battery: 7.4V / 200mAh /250 mAh

Gear box ratio: 1 : 4.7

Servo: 2.5g x 2

Canopy color may different to the one shown on the picture.

1 x micro heli kit
1 x 4-in-1 receiver
1 x motor (brushed)
2 x 2.5g servos
1 x 230mAh/7.4V Lipo battery
1 x Lipo smart charger BA-CH550
1 x crystal pair (1 RX, 1 TX crystal)
1 x spare flybar
1 x set spare main blades
2 x screw drivers
1 x screw pack

1 x 4-channel transmitter

HiModel Note:
Some customers find that this helicopter always spin to one side no matter how to adjust it, this can be resolved by following the instructions below:
1. Switch on the transmitter, and put the throttle stick to the middle above or full open position.
(*This is the key point, DO NOT put the throttle to full close position like most of other helicopters, put to middle or higher position when switch on, so as the gyro can calibrate the center point easily.)
2. Lay the helicopter on a level ground, switch on the helicopter.
3. Keep it steady for 3-5 seconds for the helicopter to calibrate, when hear the light prompt sound from the helicopter, move the throttle down to full close position, now the helicopter is ready for fly, it will speed up when you pull up the throttle stick now.

In short, just make sure the radio throttle is on high position, and switch on transmitter first, then the helicopter, and wait several seconds for helicopter to calibrate before move down the throttle stick.

19th May, 2008
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