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DLA-56 56cc Petrol Engine for Radio Control Aeroplane - Rear Induction
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Performance and Parameter:

Power: 5.6HP/7600RPM

Idle Speed: 1400rpm/min

Pulling Force: 15kg/100M Alltitude, 13kg/1800M Altitude

Aircraft Propeller: 22×8,22×10, 23×8, 23×10

Spark Plug: Special Type

Exhaust Amount: 56cm3

Cylinder Bore×Stroke: 45mm×35mm

Compression Ratio: 7.8:1

Lubrication Ratio:30:1 (Trial Run), 40:1(Normal Flying)

Weight:Main Engine:1290g, Exhaust Pipe:115g, Ignition:120g


Each DLA engine was run in at factory for a short period of time for testing, and petrol with rich oil was used for the testing, so you may find some black ash in the muffler when you receive it, this is normal.
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