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   Electric Battery Chargers & Battery Accessories Power Supplies (AC/DC adaptors/Power Panel/Power distributor) ISDT CP16027 160W Mini Power Adapter (AC 80V - 264V Input)
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ISDT CP16027 160W Mini Power Adapter (AC 80V - 264V Input)
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Designed for RC industry

Compact size, High safety factor, Patented XT-60 output socket.

Industry grade protection circuit

(SCP) Short current protection.
(OPP) Over load protection.
(OVP) Over voltage protection.
(OTP) Over Temperature protection

ISDT CP16027

Active PFC

Wide range input voltage ( 80V ~ 264V) can be used in different countries , PFC ensure stable power supply.

ISDT CP16027

Aluminum housing offers High efficiency heat dissipation

zero-noise design

ISDT CP16027

Cable Accessories

ISDT CP16027


ISDT CP16027


ISDT CP16027 160W Mini Power Adapter

Input Voltage:  AC 80V ~ 264V, Wide range voltage supported.
Output voltage: DC27V, 7.4A
Output power: 160W
Dimension: 122 x 56.2 x 38.5mm
Weight:  350g

1 x charger
1 x AC cord
1 x XT60 output cable
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