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Dual Power Input Servo Distribution Board PRO W/CDI Remote Switch, 20A UBEC
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The product is mainly used for the servo with large regular vane’s airplane,such as gasoline engine. This product can distribute several strings’ power. The sectionboard integrates CDI remote flameout swiches and reserves position for receiver, which make servo’s lines convenient and tidiness. If you use double powers input to the power supply, it will be more stable and more security.
Produce features:
1. Eight channels for input, and sixteen channels for output.(every one channel input with two channels output )
2. Integrates CDI remote flameout swiches. Through each channel of the remote controller or swich channel(usually choose a switch channel) can make the gasoline engine’s CDI on or off by remote control.
3. Independent CDI power supply socket. Receiver power completely separates with the CDI power, so you should not worry about that CDI arouses high frequency signal will interfere the receiver, and the LED display the state of the power supply at real time.
4. LED display the state of the electric voltage at real time, and LED can display in two colours.
5. Five LED point out the distribution board's working status in real time.
6. The steering engine uses a step-down supply by switching style. The working current is 0-20A, but it can up to 30A and working for 3 seconds.
7. The distribution board supplies the steering engine's working voltage is between 4.8V to 9.7V (factory voltage is 5.2V)
8. Integrated electronic switch and a traditional mechanical switch which can make higher security and working stability.
9. The receiver uses a linear 5V to supply power

1. Working voltage: 7-13V
2. Steering current, voltage :0-20A ,4.8-9 .7 V (factory voltage is 5.2V)
3. Weight: 80g
4. Volume:116mm(long)*88mm(wide)*13mm(height)
5. Working temperature:-20℃ to 85℃.

(Manufacturer product name: Min power box pro)


1 x servo distribution board
1 x wire set
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