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   Electric (Brushless) Motors & Accessories Electric Brushless Motors - Outrunner 4000KV Outrunner Brushless Motor for 450 Class Helicopter Type H2836
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4000KV Outrunner Brushless Motor for 450 Class Helicopter Type H2836
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1. HB2836 inherits HB2835 'violence, energy-saving and efficient' characteristics; the same time using a new shaft and bearing tight fit, greatly to avoid wear and improve the motor efficiency.
2. Imported bearings used in all Germany, in particular, Hard custom stainless steel motor shaft;
3. Exquisite laser engraving shell, eliminating the need for tape sticker may be open to the impact of the motor even more noble qualities.

Model: H2836 4000kv
KV (rpm/v): 4000
Max current: 45A
Max Power: 450W
Non-load current: 3.4A
Lipo Battery (cell): 2S-4S Li-poly
Max Current (A): 46
Weight: 71g / 2.5oz
Shaft Diameter(mm): 3.17
Pinion gear recommendation: 11T/12T/13T

Application sample: 450 class electric helicopters


1 x motor
3 x bullet male connectors
3 x bullet female connectors
1 x 11T pinion gear
1 x 12T pinion gear
3 x pieces shrinking tubes
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