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R/C Car Simulator Set
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Video R/C simulator set for Win 2000, Win XP

This software is warmly recommended to R/C novice operators and video game fans.

1.Visit www.virtualrc.com to download the software and install it.
Note: The CD is free of charge, which may be attached in the package. The copyright is not woned by us.The CD contains the game installation sofrware It is not allowed for any pubilc and connercial use.
2.Connect the simulator set to the USB slot on your computer then open the software.
3.Follow all instructions on the computer and make some adjustments to start your R/C game.
4.Read this manual carefully before use.

Minimum system requirements:
●Windows 2000 or xp
●Processor with 1Ghz or better
●128MB RAM
●Graphics card with hardware T&L e.g. GeForce 3, Radeon 9000 or similar
●Monitor resolution 1024x768 pixels
●56Kbps dial-up Internet connection

Recommended system requirements:
●Windows xp
●Processor with 2Ghz or better
●512MB RAM
●Graphics card with hardware T&L e.g. GeForce FX5600, Radeon 9800 or similar
●Monitor resolution 1280x1024 pixels
●USB port
●ADSL,DSL or cable Internet connection

1 x Transmitter (dummy), USB connection
1 x Software disk
1 x Instruction manual (English)

The installation wizard file on disk is in Chinese, download the translated file here .
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