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2.4G Fiberglass Bait Boat RTR W/WFLY 6ch Radio GF-BOA-001
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- With 2.4G WFLY radio, the longest control distance can reach 300 meters.
- Fiberglass construction.
- Unique flip device silo design, is able to unload bait completely.
- Built-in propeller design, can effectively prevent weeds and floating objects in the wound surface, and prolong the life of the propeller.
- Two navigation lights and a voltage indicator for night fishing, also make it convenient to control and identify the direction of the vessels at night.

Length: 835mm
Width: 290mm
Height: 210mm
Weight: 4.3kg (including battery jar)
Propeller: D42*P1.2
Radio: WFT06X-B 6-ch radio
Motor: 550Size
Battery: 4Ah Lead Acid battery
Material: Fiberglass
Movement: forward, backward, left and right turns, towing dumped baid, put the hook, string hook, bomb hook and so on.
Speed: 60 meters/min
Hopper load: 1kg


1 x Boat
1 x radio
1 x Lead Acid battery
1 x charger

* Carton +foam box packing.
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