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   FPV/ Aerial Photography Flight Controller/OSD/ GPS/ Stablizer FY21AP FPV Inertial Attitude Stabilizer(Trade Edition) FY-21AP
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FY21AP FPV Inertial Attitude Stabilizer(Trade Edition) FY-21AP
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1. Briefly introduce

The FY21AP is a stand-alone autopilot system with FY-AFSS algorithm, GPS receiver and barometric sensing equipment. It is fully upgradable with OSD, telemetric digital communication, Data Modem and Ground Station Control (GCS).

The flexible layout makes this the most versatile autopilot system in the market, designed for beginners, UAV operators and professional RC aerial photographers.

2. Features

- Internal use high-performance ARM processor, high stability.

- 10Hz GPS accurate location

- Combining GPS and the barometer fix altitude accurately

- complete OSD telemetry information display

- cost-effective

- Provide interface for data radio

- Can option the GCS software , monitor the flight trajectory real time

- LED display the fly mode

- strong anti-interference ability

- can set loss control protection for auto return

- cost-effective

FY-21AP is accomplished with a 6DOF (Degree Of Freedom) Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) comprising of three accelerometers, and three gyros, thus eliminating the problems of weather sensitive thermopile devices (IR horizon sensors).

In addition, barometric pressure data allows precise altitude hold capability. Beyond providing stabilization for the RC Pilot, under any flight conditions, connections to our other modules allow enhancements such as:

*auto-return to launch site

*fixed-point hovering

*fixed altitude flying

*attitude change on command

With the FY21AP, the RC pilot does not need to worry about pitch, yaw, or roll fluctuations once the system is engaged. It takes away a huge part of flying stresses. Even in strong crosswinds, the FY-AFSS in this system will provide stabilization effortlessly.

GPS Module

Launch point coordinates are logged to enable automatic failsafe return. The new FCF (Fixed Circling Function) uses GPS data for autonomous, defined circular navigation, at any predefined target point.

Flexible Waypoint Input — Controlled flight with mouse.

Through ground station software and electronic map, you can define flight path to any point on the map and change the flight altitude.

On Screen Display (OSD)

Incorporating the AP117 OSD module transmits these parameters:




*return angle

*flying time

*battery V/I

Our AP117 OSD module is state of the art, with an accurate horizon read-out indicator, overlaid with multiple telemetry data parameters. For FPV activity, it offers solid flight stabilization performance and real time pilot assistance.

Additional data can be interfaced to your PC via the Data Radio Link Module upgrade:



*positioning condition

*working mode

*servo angles

Ground Station Software (GCS)

With the Ground Station Remote Adapter, you can monitor and control the flight on your PC. Full duplex operation is possible. If desired, our system can replace your RC receiver, in order to control all servos.

3. Application

The FY-21AP can be installed in the following aircrafts:

Normal / Traditional fixed-wing planes
Delta-winged plane with rudder
Delta-winged plane without rudder,
Plane without aileron,
V –tail plane with aileron
V –tail plane without aileron
Any other configuration, please e-mail us for enquiry:

Remote Control system requirement:

The FY-21AP has been tested to work with the following RC systems:

Robbe-Futaba PPM / PCM 1024 / PCM G3 mode, 2.4 GHz systems;
Graupner/JR PPM 8, PPM 12, SPCM mode;
MPX PPM8, PPM 12 with UNI mode;
Any remote control system using the standard of 1.5 ms neutral position.
FY21AP (2.0) Module
FYOSD (2.0) Video Overlay Module
FYGPS (10HZ) Module
FYCS100 Current Sensor
Related Wiring


Download Software and instruction manual.
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