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   FPV/ Aerial Photography Video TX/RX & Accy. FPV 5.8G 400mW A/V Transmitter Module (TX) TS353|RP-SMA, jack
SKU:  TS-353
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FPV 5.8G 400mW A/V Transmitter Module (TX) TS353|RP-SMA, jack
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  Tags: video recording system  FPV 

FPV 5.8G 400mW A/V Transmitting module, a good choice for avoiding interference for customers using 2.4G radio system.

- dimension and weight is similar to 200mw TX, yet the range is extended.
- compare to the 500mw version which with cooling fan installed, the 400mw version is lighter, and consuming less power (longer in-air time), also eliminated vibration to video transmitting system caused by cooling fan.

The 400mw version is a well balanced solution among weight, dimension, range, power consumption etc.

FPV 5.8G 400mW A/V Transmitter Module (TX) 
Transmitting unit weight: 25g (excluding antenna)
video format supported: NTSC/PAL
Working frequency: 5645-5945Mhz
Power input: 7-15V (3S Lipo suggested, does NOT support 4S Lipo)
Transmitting current: 220mA
Dimension: 55*26*17mm (excluding antenna)
Antenna connection: RP-SMA  jack (TX module side)   Refer to here for connector type diagram

*Note: TX antenna must be installed properly before it is switched on, power on without install antenna, or a improper antenna was used may easily burn the TX, and such damage is not covered by warranty.

1 x transmitting unit (TX) TS353
1 x TX antenna (2db)
* No instruction manual supplied with this product.

1 x receiving unit (RX)

Primary Additional Accessories for the completion of the FPV 5.8G 400mW A/V Transmitter Module (TX) TS353|RP-SMA, jack
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