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   Radios Radio Sets 2.4G Radio System SPRINGRC 2.4Ghz 6-Channel Radio TX & RX Set Mode 2
SKU:  STG661
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SPRINGRC 2.4Ghz 6-Channel Radio TX & RX Set Mode 2

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  Good value for the money 2.4Ghz radio TX & RX set from SpringRC.

*Electric trim.
*Servo range adjustable.
*V-tail mixer function.
*Mini receiver 6g weight, good for electric models.

* CE & RoHS certified.

  Transmitter specification:
Type: TG661
Stick mode: mode 2 (throttle on left hand)
Trim type:electronic
Temperature range:-20°-70°

(* This radio does not support CCPM mode, so it can not be used with CCPM mode helicopters)

Receiver type:RG661
Channel number: 6 channels
Antenna length:14cm

1 x transmitter 2.4g
1 x mini 6-ch receiver

  HiModel Note:
Binding method:
1-press and hold on the button on the back of the radio and switch on the transmitter.
2-Switch on the radio (Switch on the transmitter first, NOT the receiver, and the button on the back should be held down while switching on)
3-the blue LED will blink slowly
4-press & hold down the button on the receiver frequency
5-connected the receiver with the button held down for no less than 2 seconds (The button on receiver must be hold down, and can only be released 2 seconds later since the receiver battery is connected)
6-LED of the receiver is not lit (There is no visible changes in this process)
7-Disconnect the power of both receiver & transmitter.
8-Re-power on the transmitter (Do NOT press the button on the back, and the transmitter MUST be powered on first)
9-Re-power on the receiver, the LED of the transmitter will flash several times, and becomes steady light, the receiver LED will also flash several times, and then becomes steady light, now they are successfully bind.
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