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   Helicopters Helicopters - Electric SKYA 500 Carbon Fiber & Metal Electric Helicopter Kit
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SKYA 500 Carbon Fiber & Metal Electric Helicopter Kit
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【CF Frame Combo Version】

1.Electric power system.
2.Simple and light weight design provides awesome flight performance and extreme 3D capability.
3.Rigid carbon fiber frame design.
4.Beautiful factory painted fiberglass canopy.
5.Rotor head/tail with thrust bearings.
6.Direct-to-swash CCPM linkage.
7.Center of gravity of Battery tray designed close to the rotor head.
8.Tail rotor drive belt system.
9.Fully driven tail auto rotation system.
10.Tail servo boom mount.
11.Metal rotor head, tail boom and tail rotor unit.
12. 80% pre-assembled.

*Parts are compatible with Align 500.

●Main Blade Length:425mm
●Main Rotor Diameter:970mm
●Tail Rotor Diameter:200mm
●Motor Pinion Gear:12T/13T
●Main Drive Gear:162T
●Autorotation Tail Drive Gear:145T
●Tail Drive Gear:31T
●Drive Gear Ratio:1:13.5:4.68/1:12.46:4.68
●Weight(w/o power system):935g Approx
●Flying Weight:Approx 1700g

● 500(CF) Kit SetX1 set
● 425 fiber glass bladesX1
● Motor pinion gear 13TX1

1.Transmitter(6-channel or more,helicopter system)
2.Receiver(6-channel or more)
3.Mini servoX3
4.Head lock gyroX1
5.Specialized servoX1
6.Pitch gaugeX1
7.22.2V 6S Li-Po 2100~2500mAh batteryX1
8. Hitec HS-5245MG programmable digital servos x 3
9. 60A Brushless ESCX1
10. External BEC (optional)
11. 500L Brushless motor(1600KV)X1
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