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Mini HDMI to A/V Conversion Card for Sony NEX5 Series Cameras
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Typical application: Convert HDMI signals to A/V signals.
Connect your video devices with mini HDMI port to video device with A/V input (like A/V wireless transmitter).

* This card is for Sony NEX5 series (SONY NEX 5N and 5R) cameras only. 

Mini HDMI to A/V Conversion Card for Sony NEX5 Series Cameras

Connector type: input Mini HDMI ; output wires and connectors are not included. 
Weight: 3.5g
Dimension:  50(L) x 15(W) x 12(H) mm  (H including connector)
Suitable cameras: SONY NEX5 series cameras.

* The card may not compatible with other types cameras other than Sony NEX5 series.

HDMI resolution setting of your camera must be set to "Auto" mode,  once change the HDMI resolution setting to "Auto", both the camera and HDMI/AV conversion module must be powered off and re-powered on, you should unplug the module and plug it back again to make sure the new setting will take effect. 


1 x mini HDMI to A/V conversion card

Attention before using HDMI to AV converter (must follow thefollowing steps! It fits SONY converter and Converter for General use)

1) Most importantly, don’t connect the converter or anycable to the camera before the process. Set up HDMI resolution to AUTO, saved,then quit the set up menu, and turn off the camera.


2) Connect the HDMI converter or the related cable, turn onthe camera, it will work normally.


3) If no image is appeared, please check and see if theresolution set up is on “AUTO” state, that is to say, we need to check whetherthe step one is completed and saved or not, and then start working. If it stilldoes not working, please repeat the step 1).


4) For those very special and few versions of cameras,according to our experience, those SONY camera sold in France, needs to set upPAL, the reason may be related with its firmware.


The several possibilities for problem of no image

1) Many customers normally would like to connect theconverter with the camera first and then set up AUTO resolution, it is amistake, because the set up will not be succeed in this way on most cameras.You must disconnect the HDMI converter and related cables and then do the setup, saved, and then turn off the camera.


2) There is signal output, but the screen is rolling andturning, the reason is that the output of our converter card is PAL signal, themonitor the customer are using needs be able to support PAL signal too.

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