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KDS Flymentor 3D Flight Attitude Stabilisation and Positioning System
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  Tags: KDSmodel  flymentor 3D  flight stabilisation 

New type of sensing process provides reliable geographical positioning, completely independent of the visible horizon.

Particular CCD sensor can catch the ground picture to compare, and prevent helicopter from drifting.
Adjust the working status of Flymentor by AUX Channel, switchable gain system offers three different positions: Off, stabilisation and Position-holding mode.
Head lock gyro outside setting and Swashplate mixer.
Control the sensitivity and mode of gyro by GEAR Channel.
Support helicopters with 3S 120°swashplate,or 3S 140°swashplate,or 4S 90°swashplate, or 4S 90°+45°swash plate.
Attitude stabilisation in inverted flight.
Set Flymentor by computer USB adapter.
If you use FM/PPM radio equipment, Flymentor will make the ailerons, elevator and tail servo back immediately. The pitch will remain in the final signal position. And Flymentor will switch to position mode automatically. The sensitivity is 70%.
Voltage: 4.8-6.0V
Current: 55mA (under 5V)
Weight: 37g
Under stabilisation mode and positioning mode, maximum rotate speed allowed: Aileron and elevator ≤ 200° /sec; tail turning (if using external gyro) ≤ 360° /sec

1 x FLYMENTOR stabilization system

Software and manual can be downloaded here.
Technical Hint:
a. When connect the device to your PC, make sure the device is assigned to COM1 - COM3 port, otherwise, the computer may not "see" the device.
b. Green and blue cables in the manual is mixed up, need to interchange.

10/09/2009 contributed by customer ID "181063"
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