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   Radios Radio Sets 2.4G Radio System 2.4G JR DSX9MK II 9-channel DSM2 Radio (Backlight) W/RD921 RX (No servo)
2.4G JR DSX9MK II 9-channel DSM2 Radio (Backlight) W/RD921 RX (No servo)
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JR Propo DSX9II Transmitter - Multi-Data Graphic Display with Backlight & 3D-Rotary Select System

JR Propo's DSX9II offers airplane, helicopter and sailplane pilots programming that JR's DSX9II is famous for with the added benefits of a backlight screen, 50-model memory, and new throttle timer start for aircraft and helicopter model types plus fully integrated 2.4GHz DSM2 radio link technology.

DSM (Digital Spektrum Modulation) technology offers a far superior RF link than narrow band FM and PCM systems, providing a higher level of confidence and safety.

Airplane, Helicopter, Glider all from one transmitter !!
Computer 9 channel
50 Model's memory
Oversized - Easy to read graphic display with Backlight
Model data transferable
Programmable multi-point curve mixing
Gyro gain select switch
Programmable trainer function
CCPM swash mixing 90/120/140/180 degree (CCPM: Cyclic Collective Pitch Mixing System)

Rx model is RD921, 9 channel, Specktrum DSM2 2.4Ghz tech.

-Method: DSM2
-Number of Channels: 9Ch
-Transmitter Weight: 810g (excluding battery)
- Stick mode: mode 2 (throttle on left hand) will be sent by default, mode 1 is available upon request.

* We only accept bank wire transfer (T/T) or western union money transfer for new customers for this product.

* Technical_hints_2.4G.pdf Technical hints on usage of 2.4G radios.

1 x transmitter DSX9II
1 x RD921 DSM2 receiver w/ EA101 Remote Receiver
1 x Ni-Mh 9.6V/1500 mAh TX battery
1 x charger NEC-322 for RX & TX battery (220V input, US Style 2 Flat Pin)
1 x switch harness
1 x binding plug
1 x Instruction manual (English)

* Note: we only sell the radio system in complete set, and do not sell the transmitter nor other components separately, so please do not ask.

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