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   Multi-rotors Kit & Frame Dualsky HORNET 460 Quadcopter ARF
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Dualsky HORNET 460 Quadcopter ARF
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The Innovative Qudacopter, 90% factory assembled, comes as standard with a Dualsky Brushless and Flight Control Systems. The Hornet 460 is fitted with LED lighting so it can be flown at night.

Motor: 4 pcs of XM2830CA-Hornet (830 RPM/V 55g 200W)

ESC: 4pcs of XC-22-Hornet (22A continuous, 2-3S)

Flight Control Unit: Dualsky FC430

Weight: 780g w/o battery

Max. Flying Weight: 1800g

Battery Recommendation: 1700mAh/3S to 4600mAh/3S

Includes Custom Designed
3-Axis Flight Control System
Original works of Dualsky, maximum
optimized to fit Hornet 460



Module Design for
Quick Assembly
30 Minutes take off guarantee

Equipped with LED Lights
Distinguish head by White and
Red LEDs, beautiful appearance
during night flight

The HORNET 460 quadcopter is designed for mid-level customers
to enjoy the fun of multi-rotors. 90% factory assembled, comes with
Dualsky Brushless System and Flight Control Unit.



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