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   Helicopters Helicopters - Electric SJM400 3D Aluminum-Carbon Electric Powered Helicopter Kit
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SJM400 3D Aluminum-Carbon Electric Powered Helicopter Kit
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Fully CNC helicopter kits
Aluminum alloy, Carbon and Fiberglass construction.
Highest machining precision.
Contains 28 pcs bearings.
Metal rotor head and tail unit.
Belt driven tail system.
Extremely stable.


Rotor Diameter:655mm

Tail blades diameter:110mm

Fuselage dimension: 600*120*200mm

Kit weight:257g ( includes wooden main blades )

Fly weight:540-580g

Gear ratio:1:15:5 and 1:18:5

1 x SJM400 3D Aluminum-Carbon Electric Powered Helicopter Kit
1 x 3950KV brushless outrunner motor

1 x 6 channel above radio with CCPM function
1 x Gyro
3 x 9g Micro servos
1 x 5g Micro servo ( tail servo )
1 x 25A Electric speed controller - ESC
1 x 1300mAh - 1700mAh 11.1V Lithium Polymer battery pack
1 x Lipo charger
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