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   Electric BEC / UBEC ZTW 12A Switch Mode Ultimate BEC/ UBEC
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ZTW 12A Switch Mode Ultimate BEC/ UBEC
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1.Adopting the USA CPU and decreasing the electromagnetic interference, to be sure that receiver works well .
2.The working status of UBEC is shown by an indicator (LED). When UBEC works, the blue LED lights.
3.Battery polarity reversal protection (If the connection is wrong, the UBEC can not work.)

ZTW 12A Switch Mode Ultimate BEC/ UBEC

1.   Switch Mode
2.   Output: 5.0V/12A ,5.5V/12A, 6.0V/12A, 6.5V/12A, 7.0V/12A, 8.0V/12A (Output voltage is changeable by pressing Red Button circularly as requested. Note:It’s just available to continuously press Red Button over 3 seconds.)
3.   Input: 7V-60V (2-14S Lipo, 6-50 NiMH/NiCd)
4.   Output Current: Continuous Current 12A, Burst Current 18A
5.   Size: 60.0mm*34.0mm*15.0mm(Length*Width*Height)
6.   Weight:51g

How to Use the UBEC :
1.Connecting UBEC with ESC OPTO, you just parallelly connect the input connector of UBEC with the battery pack, and plug the output connector of the UBEC into one of spare channels of the receiver.
Using ESC SBEC, you must remove the red wire of the signal wires of ESC SBEC to receiver before connecting with the UBEC. (the connection with ESC SBEC is same as connection with the ESC OPTO)

1 x UBEC
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