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   Electric (Brushless) Motors & Accessories Electric Brushless Motors - Inrunner SUXFLY 4065/2700KV 4-Poles Inrunner Brushless Motor 4065/2Y
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SUXFLY 4065/2700KV 4-Poles Inrunner Brushless Motor 4065/2Y
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Compare to conventional 2-pole motors, the 4-pole motors feature:
- Higher efficiency.
- Larger torque.
- Lower heat productivity.

Model: 4065/2Y

Type Model Max Amp(A) Max Voltage(v)
Battery (Li-Po) Max Power (W) KV RMP/V Resistance
No-load Current(7.4V)
Diameter×Length (mm)
Shaft diameter (mm) Weight (g)
4065/2Y 110 20 3-5 S 2000 2700 0.0052 2.6A Φ39.8×64.8 Φ5.0 311
4065/3Y 70 27 3-7 S 2000 1800 0.0104 1.8A Φ39.8×64.8 Φ5.0 311
4065/4Y 60 35 3-9 S 2000 1400 0.0174 1.2A Φ39.8×64.8 Φ5.0 311

* Color of different batches may different, will send the color in random based on stock status.

1 x motor
3 x bullet connectors
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