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   Electric Electric - Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Multi-function Stepping Remote Switch RCD3003
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Multi-function Stepping Remote Switch RCD3003
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■ 1 Servo signal input, control up to 7 devices
■ 5-16V AUX Power input, total max 3.5A output
■ 7 outputs, 500mA max current per channel
■ 7 LED indicate working state
■ 9 Preset mode
■ 10bit Digital switch, easy to operate
■ False trigger protection
■ Calibration feature,compatible with all RC system
■ Metal shield, reduce EMI and good heat dissipation
■ Small size, light weight, only 5 grams

Dimension: 6 x 2.6 x 0.6cm
Weight: 16.3g / 0.57oz

■ RC model rocket launch
■ RC model smoke control
■ Weapons systems for scale model
■ Light control for model airplane
■ All kinds of remote control switching system

1 x remote switch
1 x connection wire set

* Refer to right top link for the instruction manual, no printed manual supplied with this device.
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