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Multi-rotor aircrafts and accessories
   Multi-rotors Kit & Frame HiModel 1050mm 3K Carbon Large Scale Octocopter Kit for Commercial Aerial Photography
SKU:  HI-N1050
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HiModel 1050mm 3K Carbon Large Scale Octocopter Kit for Commercial Aerial Photography
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  Tags: fpv carrier  Quadcopter  eight-roter  octocopter  aerial photography 

This octocopter is designed for commercial aerial photography application:

-  3K carbon structure,  strong yet light in weight.
-  Dual shock absorbing design for Gimbal system, effectively eliminate "rolling shutter" effect.  

-  Shock absorbing design for flight control system.

-  Optimized for DJI  WOOKONG flight control and ZENMUSE Gimbal (not included)
-  Two battery mounting positions.
-  Heavy duty landing skid

During our real testing, it can work 15 minutes under below setting:
Fly weight is around 9-9.5kg,  using 6S 20000mAh Lipo battery, cut-off voltage is set to 3.7V/cell.

HiModel 1050mm  Large Scale Octocopter Kit for Commercial Aerial Photography

Material: 3K carbon and aluminum fittings.
Rotor spacing: 1050mm
Height: 50cm
Rotor number: 8
Kit net weight: 1500g
Fly weight: 8 to 12Kg (depending on motors used)
Central plate size:  28cm, thickness 2mm
Arm tube diameter: 22mm
Motor plate mounting hole spacing: 25 x 25mm

Recommended setting (not included):

Flight control and gimbal: DJI  WOOKONG  + ZENMUSE Gimbal
Camera: Canon 5D2 etc.
Motor:  8-10Kg fly weight  HL4230 370-400KV, fly time about 15 minutes with 20Ah 6S Lipo
             10-12Kg fly weight HL4830 370-400KV, fly time about 10 minutes with 20A 6S Lipo
Speed controller: 30A 6S
Prop size: 15x5.5inch
Battery: 5000mAh 6S x4

* Electronics on the photos are for demonstrating purpose, and not included in this kit.

2 x central plates
1 x upper battery plate
1 x lower battery plate
6 x shock absorbing screws
4 x gimbal shock absorbing plates
16 x shock absorbing balls
4 x nylon screws
2 x nylon fixing bases
8 x motor mounting plates
8 x  Leg clamping plates
44 x D22mm tube clamps
8 x 12mm tube clamps
8 x D22mm, 50CM length carbon tubes
2 x D22mm, 45cm length carbon tubes
2 x D12mm, 40cm length carbon tubes
2 x D12mm, 60cm carbon tubes

*  Please refer to here for parts list.
* This is the frame kit of the octocopter, NO electronic accessories are included.
* There is no instruction manual for this kit currently, basic DIY skills are needed. 

Primary Additional Accessories for the completion of the HiModel 1050mm 3K Carbon Large Scale Octocopter Kit for Commercial Aerial Photography
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