WFT08S 2.4GHz 8-Channel Radio Set Super Edition W/receiver WFR09S
    SKU SU0824EN
    Brand WFLY
    Added 2010/06/03
    Updated 2010/07/06
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    2.4GHz 8 channels R/C System(English Menu, 4096 Resolution)

    Model: WFT08S

    Use in: airplane, helicopter, car, boat

    Band: 2.400GHz-2.483GHz

    Output power: ≤100Mw (2.4GHz)

    Modulation: PPM/PCMS 1024/PCMS 4096

    12- model memory

    RF module: individual


    Resolution: 4096

    Power: 9.6-12V

    Mix: PROG.NOR.MIX (5 series) PROG.CUR.MIX (2 series)

    *High Speed, High Resolution, optimized 2.4GHz PCMS 4096 " High Speed, Silk-like smooth"

    *Convenient stick adjustment, make you free usage

    Tree-like Multilayer Menu, human oriented design, easy controlling

    Excellent white LED backlight, less visual tiredness

    132 x 64 FSTN LCD screen

    7 point curve (in any X and Y direction edition), easy complex curve adjustment

    Data transfer function, easy teaching and learning

    Multi-function, intuitive data setting, easy checking


    1 x transmitter
    1 x WFR09S receiver

    * Transmitter manual language: English
    * Come in foam packing, without outer color box.


    The major difference between the standard version (SKU 0824EN) and the Super Edition (SKU SU0824EN) is the resolution, the standard version is 1024 resolution, and the Super Edition is 4096 resolution.
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