HiModel 40.850Mhz Channel 85 FUTABA Compatible Receiver FM Dual Conversion Crystal HC-50U
    SKU DRX40FB850
    Brand HiModel
    Added 2008/09/03
    Updated 2008/09/03
    Tags: Dual  conversion  crystal,  Futaba  compatible,  40Mhz  receiver  crystal,  HC-50U 


    Fully compatible and exchangeable with Futaba standard size dual conversion crystals.


    Futaba Compatible FM Dual Conversion Receiver Crystal
    Negative Shift for Futaba compatible dual conversion receivers.
    Model:HC-50U (standard size)
    Frequency tolerance (at 25℃): ±10.0ppm~±20.0ppm
    Working Temperature:-20℃ to +70℃
    Dual frequency conversion crystal. 

    *Please make sure the frequency matches your TX crystal besides the channel number, because in some countries, the frequencies end in 5, and others end in 0.


    1 x dual conversion RX Crystal


    For Futaba dual conversion receivers only, use single conversion crystals instead if your receiver is single conversion.
    We do not guarantee the compatibility with receivers from other manufacturers except Futaba.
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