Futaba GY611 SMM RATE GYRO Super Narrow Pulse W/BLS251
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    The GY611 gyro is an AVCS ( Angular Vector Control System) rate gyro developed for model helicopter competition.
    【GY611 gyro】
    ●Super narrow pulse (760us) drive system substantially improves servo response. An S9256 digital servo is used.
    ●Microcomputer high-speed arithmetic processing substantially improves gyro response.
    ●High resolution 12-bit A/D accurately converts the sensor output to a digital signal.
    ●Newest SMM (Silicon Micro Machine) and low-back aeroform case improve vibration resistance and neutral characteristic.
    ●Amp mounts an LCD that allows accurate data setting.

    Equipped with a brushless motor that lasts longer and operates at a
    lower temperature than brushed motors
    Samarium cobalt magnets and dual ball bearings
    Same power consumption and centering as digital servos equipped with brushed motors
    Standard size


    GY611 Ratings:
    ●Yaw-axis stabilizer for helicopter (rate gyro)
    ●Display device:8-character dot matrix liquid crystal disply
    ●Operating voltage range: DC3.8V to 6.0V
    ●Current drain: 57x32x15mm (amp), 30x30x18mm (sensor)
    ●Weight:34g (amp)+30g (sensor)

    Servo BLS251
    This is the Futaba BLS251 Brushless Digital Heli Rudder Servo.
    Designed specifically for helicopter rudder operation.
    Torque @ 4.8V: 51 oz-in
    Speed @ 4.8V: 0.06 sec
    Dimensions: 1.6 x .8 x 1.5" (40.6 x 20.3 x 38mm)


    1 x GY611 control amp
    1 x GY611 Sensor
    3 x Sensor tape
    1 x Mini screwdriver
    1 x BLS251 digital servo W/ servo horns and hardware
    1 x English manual
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