FrSky Two-way 2.4G Futaba Compatible Radio System Telemetry DFT/D8R-II Plus
    Brand FrSky
    Manual Manual 1
    Added 2010/07/08
    Updated 2012/04/18
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    The Two-way Radio System developed by FrSky provides an additional return link that would be used for monitoring the Rx’s voltage, temperature, location, speed and so on.

    a) Advanced Continuous Channel Shifting Technology (ACCST SYSTEM) achieves high reliable link in interference rich environments.
    b) Easy to bind and instant link-up.
    c) Excellent reboot times.
    d) All channels failsafe.
    e) Quick response.
    f) Very smooth servo movement.
    g) Alarm on events of receiver (low battery voltages, poor reception, etc.)
    h) Error-free link, by using 48bits CRC algorithm.
    i) Low power consumption.
    j) True two-antenna diversity.
    k) Firmware upgradable.

    Function of Two Way communication
    a) Two way communication between receiver and transmitter
    b) Receiver is able to accept 2 analog inputs, which can be used to monitor battery voltage, temperature sensor, etc., and transfer them to transmitter. Users can set the Alarm Level of these analog voltages, when exceed or below these levers, sound alarm is issued.
    c) Receiver is able to accept serial data streams from simple 3-wire RS232 port, such information as GPS, altitude, and user developed data can be transferred to Tx without error, and sent at the RS232 port on the Tx.


    Transmitter module specifications:
    Model: DFT
    Operating Voltage Range: 6.0V-13.0V
    Operating Current: 50mA
    Output Power: 60mW
    Resolution: 11bit (3072)

    Compatible with the following transmitters:
    Futaba: 3PM, 3PK, 7U, 8U, 8J, 9C, 9Z, 10C, FN series, T10C, FC-18, FC-28.
    Hitec: Optic 6, Eclipse 7, Prism 7.
    WFLY: WFT09, WFT08.

    Receiver specifications:
    Model: D8R-II Plus
    Weight: 16.2g
    Dimension: 54*27*17mm
    Operating Voltage Range: 4.0V-7.2V
    Operating Current: 100mA
    Specified Range: 1.5km (Ground Range)
    Resolution: 11bit (3072)
    Latency: 22ms
    Number of Channels: 8CH
    Analog voltage: 0~3.3V


    1 x RF module, Futaba compatible
    1 x RF antenna
    1 x D8R-II Plus receiver

    * Electric Version English manual .

    * The receiver supplied in this combo is upgraded to D8R-II Plus since 8th March 2012.
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