FrSky Temperature Sensor TEMS-01
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    Brand FrSky
    Added 2011/07/21
    Updated 2012/04/18
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    Different sensors facilitate to monitor different data, such as fuel lever, speed, longitude, latitude, altitude, temperature, RPM, acceleration, etc. If the model is driven by battery, users could use in-built or external battery voltage sensor to monitor model’s battery voltage.


    Up to two temperature sensors can be used at the same time. They are commonly used to read temperatures of model accessories, such as electric motor, ESC, glow and gas engine cylinder head, battery, muffler, voltage regulator, BEC, tailpipe and ambient air. Measurement Range: -30~250 degrees Celsius/ -22~482 degrees Fahrenheit
    Accuracy: 1 degree Celsius/ 1 degree Fahrenheit
    Installation: Use zip ties to hold the temperature sensor tightly against the accessory that requires temperature reading.


    1 x temperature sensor
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