FrSky Archer GR6 6CH ACCESS Receiver W/ Variometer
    Brand FrSky
    Added 2020/12/12
    Updated 2020/12/12
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    The ARCHER GR6 has 6 high-precision PWM channel output and is ideal for any type of glider pilot. It features an upgraded high-precision variometer that gives pilots a quick, accurate altitude and vertical speed data. In addition to all this, the SBUS IN port on the GR6 can also be used as a redundancy receiver along with any other FrSky ACCESS capable receiver equipped with an SBUS port. The best available signal will be used to ensure superior connectivity.

    All of the Archer receivers are hyper-matched with the ACCESS protocol. They not only feature wireless firmware upgrades, increased range, and telemetry performance, the GR6 now supports more functions like configurable telemetry power, S.Port/F.Port switching and FLR output. Additional valuable features are under development to unlock the true potential of the ACCESS protocol.

    ACCESS protocol with Over The Air (OTA)
    Built-in Upgraded variometer sensor
    Supports signal redundancy (SBUS In)
    Full control range with telemetry
    S.Port / F.Port
    External battery / device voltage detection


    FrSky Archer GR6 6CH ACCESS Receiver W/ Variometer

    Dimension: 33*15*9.7mm (L*W*H)
    Weight: 4.5g
    16/24 Configurable SBUS Channels
    6 High-precision PWM Channels
    Operating Voltage Range: 3.5 -10V
    Operating Current: 55mA@5V
    Control Range: Full range* with telemetry
    (*Full Range: >2km, range may vary based on local conditions.)
    Variometer Measurement Range
    Altimeter Range & Resolution: -700m to 10000m & 0.1m
    Vertical Speed Range: ±10m/s
    Voltage Measurement Range via AIN2 (External device): 0-3.3V
    Compatibility: All FrSky ACCESS transmitters


    1 x receiver Archer GR6 

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