Corona 2.4GHz DIY DSSS transmitting module and receiver CT8Z/CR8D
    Brand CORONA
    Manual Manual 1
    Added 2009/10/10
    Updated 2010/09/27
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    Features of Corona 2.4GHz DIY transmitting module and receiver
    The new lightweight, advanced technology unit has the following features:
    1. Extended operating range 1.5 km range, which has been tested in a real flying environment.

    2. A 3dbi gain transmitting antenna ensures the wave lengths are evenly distributed throughout the transmitting horizon ensuring the stable signal.

    3. One-key user friendly setup mode.

    4. Perfect receiver antennas guarantee the plane receives the signal regardless of the maneuver or attitude.

    5. The unique receiver design makes the Corona module easy to install and ensures reliability.

    6. Corona's advanced needle design ensures the lightest possible receiver


    Type: CT8Z DSSS
    Size: 38.5*21.8*6.5mm
    Weight: 5g
    Operating voltage: 8V-13V
    Operating current: <100mA
    Output Power: <100mW


    1 x 2.4Ghz DIY transmitting module
    1 x receiver CR8D
    1 x manual


    The following contributed by customer "Marcel Wierda"
    "By the way: the Corona manual is short but OK except for 1 point:
    the instruction to solder the TX antenna lead is incomplete. It is said to solder 1 connection. This is incorrect: you must clear the shielding of the antenna lead and solder 2 connections: signal and shielding. It does improve signal output and reduces chances of interference. On my advise some people order the Corona set and they all soldered only 1 lead and had to reopen the transmitter to repair (by soldering both leads).
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