Colco CLC-GY-400 Head Lock Gyro
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    Added 2006/12/05
    Updated 2006/12/05
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    Colco CLC-GY-400 Head Lock Gyro
    ●AVCS system
    Since rudder trim changes caused by wind and other methorological changes and front, rear, forward, reverse, and other helicopter attitude changes are automatically cancelled, tail (rudder) operation is easy, making it perfect for 3D flight.
    ●SMM gyro sensor
    Use of newly developed extremely low drift SMM (Silicon Micro Machine) gyro sensor virtually eliminates rudder trim changes during flight.
    ●Integrated, compact, and lightweight
    Compact size and light weight realized by high density mounting technology.
    ●Conductive resin case
    Conductive resin case improves EMC (elecrostatic and electromagnetic interference ) resistance.


    Model NO: CLC-GY-400
    Weight:11g(include connector)
    Channel:2 models choose
    Dimensions:22 x 22 x 19mm
    Operating voltage:+4 to +6V DC


    1 x GY400 Gyro only ( no other accessories like mini screwdriver, tape etc.)
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