40Mhz WFLY 6 channel digital proportional R/C system type FT06-A V2
    SKU FT06-A40
    Brand WFLY
    Manual Manual 1
    Added 2006/05/16
    Updated 2011/08/04
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    ●In airplane mode: channel 1,2,4,6 is a switch for dual switch for dual rate (D/R) variable from ±100% to ±125%.
    ●In airplane mode: channel 1 & 6 mixture function: Flaperon.
    ●In airplane mode: channel 4 & 2 mixture function: V-tail.
    ●In airplane mode: channel 1 & 2 mixture function: Triangle win ( Elevon )
    ●In helicopter mode: Channel 3 mixture function is to channel 4 & 6.
    ●In helicopter mode: channel 3 mixture function is only to channel 6.
    ●Channel 1,2,3,4,6 reverse switch.
    ●Normal mode can be used for car and boat.
    ●Sound-and-light hint notification for low power: when the battery voltage is below 8.8V, the power indicator light 1S/1S glitters and buzzes. And when it is below 8.3V, the power indicator light 0.5S/1S glitters and buzzes at the same time.

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    Transmitter type: FT06-A 6 channel
    Receiver: FRP06 6 channel receiver ( using UM-5 mini size RX crystal )
    Band: 40Mhz
    Model: Model 1 ( throttle on right hand) and Model 2 ( throttle on left hand ) optional ( Please specify the model when place your order )
    Compatibility: comply with Futaba compatible receiver such as Feigao receiver, E-sky receiver etc.


    1 x WFLY 6 channel transmitter W/ TX crystal
    1 x FRP06 6 channel micro receiver W/RX crystal


    This is the latest version, with fail safe function.
    According to our test the radio is compatible with Futaba compatible receiver (crystal type) such as Corona and Blue Arrow receiver etc. (during our test, the TX does not work quite good with Corona Synthesized receivers, so it is not recommended to use the Crona synthesized receivers with this transmitter)
    Also the transmitter is compatible with Feigao/HiModel TX crystal, and the receiver is compatible with HiModel/Blue Arrow single conversion mini RX crystal.
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