35Mhz Futaba 12ZHP 12-Channel FM/PCM Radio System W/R5014DPS Mode 1
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    Brand Futaba
    Added 2007/05/13
    Updated 2007/11/01
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    Helicopter version will default to helicopter settings when powered up and does not have a ratcheted throttle stick Shares many features with the 14MZ such as Dual Internal Processors, Real-Time Response with 2048PCM, Fully Synthesized Receiver, Servo Grouping, Variable Dual Rates and Quad-Bearing Gimbals

    * Dial-N-Key jog dial with joy stick button allows cursor movement in four directions for very user friendly programming

    * Supports eight flight conditions

    * Stores memory for up to 25 models

    * Total switch customizing capability

    * R5014DPS 14-channel synthesized receiver is the world's smallest. Changing frequencies at busy airfields can be done right from the transmitter without changing crystals.

    * Multiple servos controlling a single function can be set up through the transmitter and then plugged into differently adjustable receiver channels (even non-consecutively) without needing a separate servo synchronizer for mixing

    * Dual Internal Processors allow one processor to be devoted to flying functions while the other processor focuses on non-flight functions such as input and communications

    * 7.4V 2200mAh Lithium Ion transmitter battery (FUTM1475) for long operating times

    * PCM G3 2048 resolution is "backwards compatible" with 1024 PCM, and FM/PPM

    * 25 model memory, 245 model memory available with optional 32MB Compact Flash Card available separately Stick tension and detent are adjustable

    * Seven color LED indicator

    * R5014DPS Receiver (FUTL7700)

    * 7.4V 2200mAh Lithium Ion Transmitter Battery

    * Lithium Ion Transmitter Battery Charger

    * NiCd 1500mAh Receiver Battery

    * Wall Charger for Receiver Battery


    Band: 35Mhz
    Mode: mode 1 (throttle on right hand)
    Channels available: 75 to 82 channel


    1 x 12ZAP Synthesized Transmitter with MZ-FM Module
    1 x R5014DPS 14 channel Receiver
    1 x FLT2F2200 7.4V 2200mAh Lithium Ion Transmitter Battery
    1 x LBC-1D5 Lithium Ion Transmitter Battery Charger
    1 x NR4F NiCd 1500mAh Receiver Battery
    1 x FBC-32C Wall Charger for Receiver Battery
    1 x DSC Cable
    1 x Switch Harness with Charge Cord
    1 x Padded Aluminum Case with two Keys
    1 x Woven Orange Neck Strap
    1 x One each 1.5mm and 2.5mm Hex Wrenches
    1 x Instruction Manual (English)
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