35Mhz FUTABA 7CHP-PCM 7-Channel Digital Proportional R/C System W/R137HP, 4xS3001
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    Brand Futaba
    Added 2007/09/24
    Updated 2008/01/13
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    This is the Futaba 7CHP PCM 7-Channel Computer Helicopter Radio with the R137HP PCM Receiver and four S3001 Servos.

    FEATURES: 10-model memory and 6-character model naming Same Dial n' Key programming found on Futaba's 9C systems Basic menu for everyday sport flying.

    Advanced menu for more complicated routines Heli and airplane control layouts in FM or PCM Heli specific features:
    Throttle Curve (5 points, Idle up 1 & 2)
    Pitch Curve (5 points, Idle up 1 & 2)
    Revo Mixing
    Gyro Hovering
    Throttle Hovering Pitch
    Throttle Hold Offset
    Mode Select feature
    Three programmable mixes
    Adjustable throttle cut Fail Safe (in PCM mode only)
    VR switch controls
    Proportional 7th channel EEPROM memory feature retains settings even when transmitter battery is disconnected or removed
    Stick Mode Select Feature
    Dual Rates on 4 Channels Triple rates available if using the 3 position switch.
    Full function trainer system (trainer cord not included)


    Transmitter: T7CHP
    Stick mode: mode 2, throttle on left stick will be provided by default
    Transmitting on 35MHz band.
    Operating system: 2-stick, 7 channel system
    Modulation: FM(PPM) and PCM switchable
    Power supply: 9.6V Ni-Cd
    Current drain: 250mA

    Receiver: R137HP reveiver

    Servo S3001 ( Standard, ball-bearing )
    Control system: Pulse width control, 1.52 ms neutral
    Power requirement: 4.8V 0 6.0V ( from receiver )
    Output torque: 41.7 pz-in (3.0 kg-cm)
    Operating speed: 0.22 sec/60
    Size:1.59x0..78x1.41 (40.4x19.8x36 mm)
    Weight: 1.59 oz (45.1g)


    1 x 7CHP transmitter
    1 x PCM1024 R137HP receiver W/crystal
    4 x S3001 servos with hard wares and servo horns
    1 x 9.6V/600mAh Ni-Cd TX battery
    1 x 4.8V/1000mAh Ni-Cd RX battery
    1 x 4.8V/9.6V RX/TX charger
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