35Mhz FUTABA 6EXHP 6-Channel Remote Control System W/R146iP (Electric Heli Version)
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    Brand Futaba
    Added 2006/09/30
    Updated 2008/01/08
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    6EX-Channel Digital Proportional R/C System
    Digital trim
    6 Model memory
    Servo reversing
    Dual rates
    End point adjustment
    4 character model name
    Throttle cut


    T6EXHP Transmitter with 6-model memory.
    Transmitting on 35Mhz band.
    Operating system: 2-stick, 6-channel system
    Modulation: FM (PPM) and PCM
    Power supply: 9.6V Ni-cd or Ni-Mh battery or 12V alkaline battery
    Current drain: 250mA

    Receiver: R146iP 6 channel PCM1024 mini receiver
    Receiving frequency: 35Mhz band
    Intermediate frequency: 455kHz
    Power requirement: 4.8 ( shared with servo)
    Current drain: 6mA (at no signal )
    Size: 28.7 x 42.7 x 16 mm (1.13x1.68x0.63 in.)
    Weight: 16.5g (0.58oz)
    * Always use the short type FM receiver crystal (Type 12)


    1 x 6EXHP transmitter 35Mhz
    1 x R146IP mini receiver


    Changing the 6EXHP stick mode:
    The transmitter may be operated in four different stick "modes" (1,2,3 &4). The modes determine the functions that will be operated by control sticks. Currently the transmitter is in "mode 1" ( throttle on right hand ) and you can change to different mode when necessary.

    To change the mode, simultaneously depress the MODE and SELETC keys, then turn on the power, the current mode will appear on the LCD screen, Push the DATA INPUT lever up or down to change the mode. If a mode is selected that moves the throttle control to the left stick, th throttle detent mechanism will have to be moved as well, this can be done by Futaba Service Center.

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