2.4G CORONA RF Module & RX System for Futaba Transmitter
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    Added 2008/10/21
    Updated 2008/10/21
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    When you plan to update your Futaba/HITEC/WFLY FM Transmitter to the newest high-tech 2.4GHz system, CF9 is your correct choice.
    Compatible with radios include:
    FUTABA: 3PM,3PK, 7U, 8U, 8J, 9C , 9Z, and FN series.
    HITEC: Optic 6, Eclipse 7.
    WFLY: WFT09.
    Size:60 X 37 X 21mm (2.36 X 1.46 X 0.83 inch)
    Antenna: 2dBi

    When you are planning to update your radio into 2.4 G technology,
    our Corona CF9 is your best choice .CF9 is compatible with radios including:
    FUTABA: 3PM, 3PK, 7U, 8U, 8J, 9C , 9Z, and FN series.
    HITEC: Optic 6, Eclipse 7.
    WFLY: WFT09.WFT 08
    Robbe: C18, C28


    Specification For Transmitter Module
    Operating Voltage Range : 6.0V-13.0V
    Operating Current : 100Ma
    Output Power---- 10mW-60mW
    Resolution : 10bit

    Specification for Receiver
    SRS81---- Fast Spread 2.4G Receiver work with Corona RF.Module
    Operating Voltage Range --- 4.8V-6V
    Operating Current --- 30Ma
    Specified Range --- 1.5km
    Resolutiong ---10 bit
    Latency ---- 22ms
    Sensitivity -- -100dbm
    Channel --- 2CH , 4CH, 6CH, 8CH


    1 x Futaba compatible RF module 2.4G
    1 x antenna
    1 x 2.4G mini size receiver
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