2.4G 8-Chanel CORONA Mini DSSS Receiver for CT8F/CT8J DSSS RF Moules CR8D
    SKU CRRX8C24
    Brand CORONA
    Added 2008/11/10
    Updated 2013/04/10
    Tags: 2.4G,  2.4Ghz,  CORONA  Receiver,  DSSS,  CR8D 


    Light weight, mini size 2.4G receiver from Corona.

    *Note: Like all other 2.4G brands products, Corona receivers can only work/bind with the Corona RF modules.
    Make sure you use Corona RF module before you buy this receiver.


    Weight: 7g /0.25oz
    Size: 38/45L (without pin/with pins) x 22W x 12.5H mm

    *Note: This receiver is only compatible with Corona V2 RF modules CT8F/CT8J, and is not compatible with the old Corona RF modules.


    1 x 2.4G receiver CR8D


    HiModel note:
    The Cronona FHSS 2.4G system does not compatible with the DSSS system.

    DSSS ----- 3 times Frequency-Hopping Delivery to USA ,Canada ,China Market. this Version with Fast response .

    FHSS ----- 15 times Frequency –Hopping Delivery to EU market . this version with Stronger resistance for Interference .
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