Servoless Retractable Landing Gear (Metal Sterring Base) PZ-15090M
    SKU PZ15090M
    Brand HiModel
    Added 2011/11/12
    Updated 2014/06/30
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    Servoless Retractable Landing Gear (Metal Steering Base) PZ-15090M

    After 10 seconds Auto power-off Protection system
    Double Shock Absorption Design
    Completely protect the gears
    Dimension:65.8*35.1*25.1mm 2.59*1.38*1.0inch
    Maximum travel: 90°
    Torque: 2.5kg-cm
    Speed: 0.7s/60°@4.8V 0.55s/60°@6V
    Operating Voltage: 4.8v-6v
    Weight: 32g
    Used for airplanes wing span around 1.5m
    Support Flight Weight 3kg

    Landing gear strut hole diameter: 4.1mm
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