SAPAC/GlobalFly EDF 65 Ducted fan W/2853-4000KV Brushless motor
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    Added 2010/04/07
    Updated 2010/08/20
    Tags: SAPAC_GlobalFly_EDF_65_Ducted_fan_W_2853-4000KV_Brushless_motor 


    Duct: 64mm
    Duct length: 42mm
    Weight: 28g
    Fitting Motor: 20mm grade OD. Diameter of Axle 3mm, outrunner motor
    Rotor Blade: High tensile and high precision 6 blade rotor
    Max RPM of Rotor Blade: 60000 RPM

    * The manufacturer uses two brands for this EDF, you may see some time it branded as GLOBAL FLY on the packing, yet some time it branded as SAPAC, I confirm they are identical in specs and quality except the packing box.


    1 x Ducted fan
    1 x outrunner Brushless motor (pre-installed)
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