Giant E-Retracts/ Servoless Retractable Landing Gear PZ-15096
    SKU PZ15096
    Brand HiModel
    Added 2012/08/13
    Updated 2012/08/13
    Tags: servoless  landing  gear,  e-retract,  Giant  E-Retracts 


    - Integrated design, easy to install, light weight.
    - Widely used for scale air crafts.


    Item No: PZ-15096 
    Description: Giant E-retract 
    Size: 93*51*30.6(L*W*H) 
    Weight: 88g 
    Speed: 6S/90°@4.8V; 5S/90°@6.0V, 4S/90°@7.4V 
    Torque: 15.5kg-cm@4.8V: 18.6kg-cm@6.0V: 20.6kg-cm@7.4V 
    Operating Voltage: 4.8V-7.4V (Do NOT use 2S Lipo for power supply, as it exceeds 7.4V)
    Landing Struct Diameter: Φ 5mm 
    Support Flight Weight: 8kg 
    Wire Length: 420mm 
    Wire Color: Brown, Red, Orange 
    Plug Type: JR Plug 
    Block Type: Metal

      4.8V 6.0V 7.4V
    Speed 6s/90° 5s/90° 4s/90°
    Torque 15.5kg-cm 18.6kg-cm 20.6kg-cm
    Torque 215oz-in 233oz-in 286.3oz-in

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