EAGLE WING EPO Electric Glider Kit (for FPV Carrier or Beginner)
    Added 2010/12/24
    Updated 2012/07/09
    Tags: fpv  airplane,  electric  glider 


    The glider is a good choice for FPV application, also it is a good choice for beginners.

    Very good stability and low power consumption, suit for long distance/time fly.

    Specially designed for FPV application, mounting position for camera and holes for wiring reserved.


    Wing Span: 1500mm
    Fly weight: 830g (approx.)
    Servo requirements: 3.7g (not included)
    Wing area: 25.5

    Suggested setting (not included):
    Battery suggestion: 3S 2200mAh Lipo (not included)
    Suggested motor: 2212-2215 size, KV 1300
    ESC requirement: 30A (not included)
    Servos: 3x 9g or 12g
    Propeller: 8 x 6 inch (not included)

    * Hint: if you want to use the same main battery pack for video system, you can use a voltage step-up unit like SKU 35V03A .


    1 x glider kit
    2 x servo extension leads
    1 x Y-lead
    1 x motor mount
    1 x decal

    * No instruction manual, no electronic accessories.
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