CRRCPro ES60 Electric Starter (15-62CC Gas Engine)
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    Added 2017/06/02
    Updated 2017/06/02
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    Planetary gear design provides large torque yet compact in size. It can easily start 61cc single-cylinder gas engine using 3S 2200mAh Lipo battery. 

    1. Suggested to use 3S 2200mAh 20C or above Lipo battery (not included).
    2. When the starter gets hot, please stop using it and let it cooling down before using it again to avoid damage to motor or relay of the starter. (Under normal condition, the starter will not get hot, it usually only gets hot when it is been stalled while power is on)


    CRRCPro ES60 Electric Starter (15-62CC Gas Engine) 

    Power input: 12V (3S Lipo battery is recommended)
    Suitable engine class: 15CC to 62CC petrol engines or equivalent Nitro engines



    1 x electric starter


    The difference between starters SKU SUPSTRDC and SUPSTR is the size of drive cone, the motors used for the two starters are identical, only difference is the drive cone size which is intended to be used for different size spinners.
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