72Mhz Wing-dragon Sportster Electric Airplane w/FMS Simulator RTF
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    Added 2007/04/03
    Updated 2007/04/03
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    Aerobatic version of the famous Wing-dragon!
    Enhanced aerobatic capability based on the stabel flight of the Wing-dragon. Inverted flight, rolls, loops, are all a piece of cake.
    This is the Ready to Fly version, everything required included except the AA batteries for transmitter.
    RoHs comply.


    Wingspan: 1180mm
    Length: 860mm
    Weight: 650gram
    Motor: 480, directly drive
    Airfoil: NACA2412
    Battery: 9.6v, 1000mah
    4 servos included.
    Radio: FM with proportional speed control , 4ch, for the intermediate level user. Control is over Rudder,Elevator,Ailerons and speed controller. 4 servos included. The tranmitter with channel reverse function, FMS simulator plug and charging plug;

    Frequency Available: 35Mhz, 40Mhz, 72Mhz.(Model 1 and Model 2)

    Hint: Please specify the frequency and model(Throttle on right or left hand) of transmitter in the remark field when placing an order.
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