40Mhz Cupid 610-2 3-Channel Ultralight In-door Glider W/WFLY FT06-A 6-CH Transmitter RTF
    Brand Blue Arrow
    Added 2008/11/01
    Updated 2008/11/20
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    Every dawn or dusk you can ramble in your garden or park nearby and enjoy its slow flight. It brings you no pressure but pure casual style, easy control and truly beautiful flying attitude. Yes! It is your CUPID610-2!

    CUPID610-2 -- an ultra light In-door glider is brought to you by BlueArrow.

    You can fly CUPID610-2 after an exciting flying event and relax from that intensive event.

    You can demonstrate CUPID610-2 to your friend in your flight club. Just push it gently, it will fly smoothly. It can glide without power. Flies stably and slowly, you can even walk after it.

    CUPID610-2 is a three channels ultra light In-door glider. Its flying weight is mere 80g.

    No matter you are a beginner or an experienced pilot, you can get numerous fun flight from this beautiful and lightsome CUPID610-2 Ultralight In-door Glider.


    Fuselage length: 625mm (24.6 in)
    Wingspan: 725mm (28.5in)
    Wing area: 12dm2
    Wing load: <4.3g/dm2
    Main Frame Weight: 11.6g
    Wing Weight: 9.5g
    Total Weight:80g
    Gearbox reduction ratio: 1:5
    Propeller: 7060
    Motor: AKE6200 Brush Motor
    Servo: BA-TS-2.5
    Receiver: R3P4-J Micro RX
    Speed Controller: PP-5B 5A Brushed Speed Controller
    Battery: 7.4V 250mAh Li-polymer Battery

    (* Color may vary from the picture)


    1 x glider 3-Channel
    1 x WFLY FT06-A 6-CH Transmitter
    1 x propeller 7 x 6 inch
    1 x brush motor
    1 x receiver R3P4-J 4-ch
    1 x speed control PP-5B
    2 x Servo S0251
    1 x Lipo battery 200mah/7.4V
    1 x English manual
    1 x RX crystal UM-5

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