Tarot Mini 250mm 4-Axis Carbon Fiber PCB Center Plate Quadcopter TL250A
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    Brand TAROT
    Added 2015/01/14
    Updated 2015/01/14
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    -Tarot mini 250 QAV quadcopter is the only quadcopter in the same type, which can integrates camera, image superposition system, battery power, ESC, 5.8G wireless telemetry, antenna and GPS. Can all be pluged in or welded on the PCB board, reducing wiring, easy for installation

    - All adopts 2.1mm pure carbon fiber, supporting structure is simple, using 450 landing gear is antidamper
    - PCB board integrates all holes for electronic devices, the reasonable light weight frame provides a longer lasting time
    - Multi holes camera installation board, adopting middle installation design. Adopting camera TL300M, to achieve better viewing effect. PCB integrates version and 2.1mm 
      pure carbon fiber board adopts metal CNC parts  PCB board
    - Lipo battery can be directly pluged in PCB board and XT60 plug. The tail part has place for 5.8G wireless antenna and GPS plug. ESC can be directly welded on the responding terminals.


    Tarot Mini 250mm 4-Axis Carbon Fiber PCB Center Plate Quadcopter TL250A

    - Wheelbase: 250mm
    - Empty aicraft wheight/ total weight: 43mm/85.8mm
    - Empty aicraft length/ total length:  195MM/288MM
    - Empty aircraft width/ total width/: 219mm/315mm
    - Bottom head room: 21.8mm
    - Empty aircraft weight/ take off weight: 115G/430G(including 2200mha battery)


    - 2.0 middle pure carbon board x 1 (159×33×2.0MM)11.7G
    - 2.0 front pure carbon board x 1 (219×49×2.0MM)16.5G
    - 2.0 back pure carbon board x 1 (219×58×2.0MM)16.9G
    - 1.0 front pure carbon board x 1 (159×33×2.0MM) 1.3G
    - PCB cable board x 1 (181×106×19.5MM) 28G
    - Plastic landing gear x 1 (175×108×43MM) 25G
    - Front metal support holder  x 1(73×10×8MM) 5G
    - M2X4MM half round head hexa screw 0.2G x 7
    - Upper metal supporting holder x 2 (48.5×4×8MM) 1.7G
    - M2 x 12mm cup hexa screws 0.3G  x6
    - Flight control two sides paste x 1 (35×35×1.5MM) 0.5G
    - Battery ribbon  x 1
    - Manual x 1
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