TAROT T960 Foldable Hexcopter Frame Kit TL960A - Standard Kit
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    Brand TAROT
    Added 2013/09/23
    Updated 2013/11/22
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    - Japanese 3K carbon, CNC cutting
    - Design standard is higher than most similar products of this range.
    - Folding design, meet the needs of customers who have high demand on portability.
    - Dual color motor mounts provide striking visual direction of the hexcopter mainframe.

    Sample application:
    Load capacity 3.5Kg, Canon 5D class camera with gimbal, flight time about 13 minutes. 


    TAROT T960 Foldable Hexcopter Frame Kit TL960A

    Weight: 1050g
    Arm diameter: 25mm
    Rotor spacing: 960mm 
    Diameter of kit: 1000mm
    Central plate dimension: 210 x 210 x 2mm
    Motor mounting hole spacing: 16mm/ 19mm/ 25mm/ 27mm  3-point

    * Hint: The standard kit does NOT come with landing skids, the manufacturer provides the landing skids as optional part and to be purchased separately. 

    Suggested setting (not included):

    Propeller: 17 to 18 inch
    ESC: 40A
    Motor: 50 size
    Battery: 6S 10000 to 15000mAh

    * Motors in above image are NOT included.


    1x Tarot hexcopter kit

    * Frame kit only, no electronics.
    * Landing gear is NOT included, it is an optional part for this kit and to be purchased separately. 

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