TAROT IRON MAN 650 Foldable Quadcopter Frame Kit TL65B01
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    Brand TAROT
    Added 2013/08/02
    Updated 2013/08/22
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    - Japanese 3K carbon, CNC cutting
    - Design standard is higher than most similar products of this range.
    - Folding design, meet the needs of customers who have high demand on portability.
    - Front mounting gimbal design (gimbal not included), and position adjustable along the beam.
    - Battery mounting position also adjustable, so you can adjust the whole system gravity easily. 

    About 50% pre-assembled.


    TAROT IRON MAN 650 Foldable Quadcopter Frame Kit TL65B01

    Rotor spacing: 650mm 
    Frame weight: 476g

    Suggested setting (not included):

    Setting 1, Gopro camera plan  (recommended):
    180 to 250W motor + 20A  ESC + 4S 5000mAh Lipo + 10 to 12 inch propellers

    Setting 2,  Micro SLR camera plan  (cautiously recommended):
    300 to 400W motors + 30A ESC + 4S 5000 to 10000mAh Lipo + 12 to 14 inch propeller

    Not recommanded to use SLR cameras for this quadcopter

    * Manufacturer using same color carton for several different types of products, so please disregard the discrepancies shown on outer packing. 


    1x Tarot quadcopter kit

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