TAROT 650 Sport Quadcopter Frame Kit W/ Retractable Landing Gear TL65S01
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    Added 2014/11/08
    Updated 2014/11/08
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    Product Description:
          TAROT 650 Sport quadrocopter 650 series rack chassis replacement, TAROT innovation designed by the company, with a number of patented technologies. 650Sport standard new electric landing gear, electric retractable tripod controller TL8X002, a lower center of gravity, more stable large installation space optimization design, exterior design has a strong impact perspective.
         Body with high strength composite matte gold process of the PCB, PCB board integrated power supply wiring, electrical wiring and other transfer more efficient, safe and provide adequate space for the installation of various flight control systems. New Motor Brushless ESC installed new seat position, harness protection card, clip-on design easy to adjust the motor base level. Color eye-catching color overall design has a strong impact perspective effect, provide a good visual direction for the body in the air.
         TAROT 650Sport quadrocopter rack for portability demanding users to design, particularly suited to do surveillance, remote sensing, mapping, airborne reconnaissance, fire observation, life exploration, cable transmission line, farm monitoring, and other high performance requirements for mobile, equipment and requires a longer application load small aircraft when the field is left blank.


    TAROT 650 Sport Quadcopter Frame Kit W/ Retractable Landing Gear TL65S01

    Wheelbase Diameter: 600MM
    NW: 0.75KG
    Total weight: 1KG

    Recommend configuration (NOT included):
    Rotor Size: 12-15 inch T series carbon fiber propeller
    Brushless motor: 4S / 620KV4006 brushless motor TL68P02
    4114 / 320KV multi-axis brushless motor / Orange TL100B08
    6S 380KV 4008 multi-rotor disc brushless motor TL68P07
    Battery Specifications: 10-15C, 14.8V -22.2V, 4000-5000MHA
    Brushless ESC: 20-30A


    1x Tarot 650 Sport quadcopter kit

    * This is kit version, DOESN'T include electronic accessories. 

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