HMF S550 FPV Hexacopter Frame Kit W/ PCB Central Plate
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    Added 2014/07/15
    Updated 2014/10/24
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    High quality hexacopter, a upgrading choice for DJI F550.

    - Adopts S800 upward tilt arm design
    - Plastic injection moduling, ensures hardness and lighter weight ( 10g lighter per arm compare to DJI F550)
    - Brushless gimbal compatible for FPV 
    - PCB type central plate, ESCs can be soldered directly to the central plate. 


    HMF S550 FPV Hexacopter Frame Kit W/ PCB Central Plate

    - Wheelbase: 528mm
    - Weight: 550g(without gimbal)
    - Gimbal hanging rail spacing: 55mm
    - Gimbal hanging rail diameter: 10mm
    - Gimbal class supported: Gopro 2/3 axis 
    - Motor mounting spacing: 16/16mm or 16/ 19mm

    Suggested configuration (not included):
    - Motor suggest: 2212 KV980, 2216 KV880 KV900, 3108 KV720 KV900
    - Prop suggest: 8038 9047 1038 1045 1047
    - Battery suggest: 3S-4S 2200mAh-5200mAh


    1 x hexacopter frame kit (not assembled)
    1 x exploded drawing
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