DALRC 2-4S 12A Speed Control for Multi-rotors (BLHeli Firmware, support OneShot125 mode) - Long lead edition
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    Brand DALRC
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    Added 2015/09/09
    Updated 2015/09/10
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    - Optimised based on BLHeli firmware, good linearity and smooth starting.
    - Optimised for multicopter application, good filtering, also well support fixed-wing airplanes and helicopters.
    - Multiple protections: Low voltage protection, overheat protection and signal lost protection etc.
    - Lost found function: When the throttle keeps at low position, after some time, the motor will buzz to make it easier for you to locate the aircraft.
    - Throttle range re-calibration capable to best suit different receivers.
    - Some parameters can be set by either program card or transmitter.

    Hint:  When use CC3D flight control, requested by the flight control itself, you must use PPM or S.bus receiver to work in OneShot125 mode. 


    DALRC 2-4S 12A Speed Control for Multi-rotors BLHeli Firmware

    Continuous current: 12A
    Burst current: 20A (for 5 seconds)
    Power input: 2-4S Lipo
    BEC output: No
    Supported firmware: BLHeli
    Dimension: 45 x 15 x 5mm
    Weight: 7.4g (including wires)


    1 x DALRC ESC
    1 x instruction manual 

    1 x receiver (RX)

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