UltraPower UP-S6 1S x 6 LiPo/LiHV 6-Channel Charger
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    Six independent ports can be used at the same time
    Three different kinds of battery connectors in each port
    Six independent charging circuits
    LED and audible sound indicate charging status
    Adjustable charging current from 0.1-1.0A
    USB port (5V/2.1A) for charging iPad, mobile phones, digital cameras, etc.
    Maximum protection: battery reverse polarity protection, battery overvoltage protection, and DC input voltage protection


    UltraPower UP-S6 1S x 6 LiPo/LiHV 6-Channel Charger

    Item name: Ultra Power UP-S6 6 channels intelligent fast charger
    DC input voltage: 9.0V-15.0V - Barrel Connector is 2.5mm
    Charge power: Max. 4.35W x6, ±10%
    Charge current: (0.1-1.0A) x6, ±10%
    Battery type: LiPo/LiHV
    Battery cell count: 1cell 
    Indication: LED light
    Support battery port: Micro, MX, mCPX
    Support USB charge port: 5V/2.1A
    Product weight: 66g
    Dimension: About 100 * 50 * 22mm


    1 x charger

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